Casa S. Pedro

Casa de S. Pedro, with more than two centuries, has always been closely linked to viticulture. Owner of a unique and enviable terroir that allows the obtaining of high-quality wines was, like the oldest winemakers in the sub-region of Moncao and Melgaco, the red-green wine that was dedicated.

Later, already in the beginning of the twentieth century, he joined the plantation of a variety that was beginning to take its first steps in the region, the Alvarinho variety.

Producer of Alvarinho wines of recognized quality and is one of its excellent references, she collaborated with the first bottling company of Alvarinho wine, being one of its reference suppliers.

Today, in the 21st century, the Casa de S. Pedro seeks to reproduce the same flavours and tastes as in other times, following principles inherited from its ancestors.


Unfortunately, there was no oportunity to visit the place where this story starts in Moncao, north of Portugal. Therefore, I asked the client photos - some from nowadays and some older ones - to understand the architecture and the elements that I had to work on my approach.

The tree that we can see on these images was one of the icons of Casa S. Pedro. Initially, it was an option to work it as a symbol for the label, although, due to its nowadays inexistence I opted to work with the roof shape.


The intention of this iconographic option instead a typographic one is to intensy the idea of the strong connection to their house. The roof shape it's the main symbol and was chosen to represent the brand distinguishing from the most of other wine labels that we see.

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