about me
designer and painter
based in Porto, PT

BA Communication Design at the Fine Arts University of Porto, Portugal, where I am from. Currently working in Porto, after a 5-month experience in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also working on the US Stock Market and Painting some hyper-realistic portraits during weekends.

In late 2018, alongside with the Degree, I started working as a freelancer. Focused mainly in the area of UX/UI and branding, I began to develop increasingly complete and exciting projects.

In December 2019, I started my first experience in a business context. I belonged to the Design Department of Exactusensu, a company based in Porto with more than 20 years of experience where I had the opportunity to learn a lot working closely with the Senior Designers.

Since college, I had decided to have an experience outside of Portugal when I finished my degree, where I could grow personally and professionally. To that end, I moved to Denmark right after the Degree to work in the European Capital of Design, Copenhagen. The Minimalistic approach they have always inspired me during the Degree.

In March 2021, at 22 years old, I found CARBA. The company that perfectly mixes my interests in Art and Finance - two completely different worlds that I'm enthusiastic about.

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