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Phase Magazine


The aim of this project was to create a magazine (by considering all the process): from the development of the concept and first sketches to the printing of the final piece. This project was developed in collaboration with Sandro Vieira, a dear friend.


Based on the creation of Phase Magazine - a hypothetic environmental magazine that aims to raise awareness on the current situation of our planet - this project uses a minimal layout and eye-catching approach to the readers.

This was one of the most complete projects I've ever made. We had to define the concept of our magazine, create the logo, decide all the images we wanted to use on this issue, create the minimalist layout we always looked for since the beginning and still keep a tight relationship with the companys that would print our magazine. That included a very important visit to Greca where we could understand all the steps of printing a magazine or a book.


We wanted to create a symbol that would be present in the magazine from the first to the last page. With the usage of the letter e, our symbol represents the planet and its constant movement. According to the number of pages, the e rotates fifteen degrees, until reaching its original position, on the last page.



The name Phase represents the constant change and evolution that our planet and all the living beings that inhabit it face. These are felt both in animals and plants as it is, as well, felt in our planet. The way humans are destroying it is of an extreme concern as it is happening at a high speed, which it will have an impact on future generations.

As shown on the image below, we used tracing paper to create some effects and, mainly, to enhance the content we want to transmit. On this specific example, the letter O is printed on the tracing paper sheet, while the rest of the sentence is printed on normal paper, which creates the idea that the “o” is drowning like the word suggests.

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