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I've been a client of Casa da Música since my childhood. Undoubtely one of the most iconic european concert halls that has just celebrated 15 years in 2020 which seemed to be a perfect time to give a step up to its website and create a better user experience. Using Adobe XD, I created a demo of what could be my re-design of their website. The goals were to create a much cleaner image with a defined grid that makes the user experience simple, easy to use and organized.

Here's the evolution of the grids used to build the site. The intention was to create a cleaner lecture not neglecting a great rigor.



These are the final wireframes for the Homepage, the Event Page, the first page of the Check-out process where the user should choose the seats, and the last step of the Check-out.


On the left side is the current version of Casa da Música's Seat Choose webpage. On the right side is my proposal to the same page, where the grid is better organized which allows the user to have a better experience with this interface.


The family types used on the website were HK Grotesk (Bold, SemiBold and Medium) and Futura(Medium) for the menu. Its clean lecture and many variants were some of the reasons to be chosen for this re-design.



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